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One Piece 752 has been released.
Meh... chapter was not that bad, but still.... meh. Nice that Jinbei was shown in the beginning, a nice set-up to meet with the Straw Hats.
In this arc, you're just expecting too much out of every chapter, because of the epic chapters earlier this arc (Law vs Fuji/doffy, Burgess appearing, Law getting shot by Doffy in front of Luffy, Zoro vs Fuji clash, Sanji vs Doffy clash, BM appearing, Sabo entry and awesome fighting style). Now every chapter with no fight or epic reveal, is a bit of a bummer.... that sucks donkey balls.
This chapter was needed, because it had a lot of set-ups to go to different scenes/fights. But it can also be used as just showing that some things are still happening. Small summary:
- Robin's group (with Law's key) finally on their way.
- Franky vs senor pink with Franky getting a hint how to open the doors of the factory.
- Of course Law's flashback is next, pretty excited bout it now with the panel bout "Blank Town".
- Zoro vs Peeka, we got a panel so Oda can switch over to that after Law's flashback. The good thing about this is that it looks like the first slash of the fight, that happened when Luffy gone ahead and Zoro took on Peeka.
- Sabo vs Fuji, but with showing that (just as Zoro vs Peeka) it can be a "I've shown it, so we can move on to another scene". I see it happening that we get to see Sabo and Fujitora a bit tired and accepting that this fight is meaningless -_- I would love to see a bit of the fight !!
- Kyros and Don Jinjao and his group moving forward, but the fights against the executives are dragged also -_-
What made me think the most, was Cavendish (surprisingly, cause I don't really fancy (nice word hé) him). He has a plan and I think that counts for something. Let's hope it will get the plot going, but right now I'm happy that, after the break, I'm on vacation for 2 1/2 week so I can see 3 manga chapters (if there aren't any breaks) in a row. I hope it will be 3 epic chapters then. But it's kinda sad that I'm not that bummed with missing a couple of One Piece manga's, it says something about the pasing this arc. Still love this show to dead!