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One Piece 688 has been released.


Finally Luffy is in the houseeeeeeeee. Also I just loved Zoro and Tashigi part in  this chapter. So freaking funny. But the storry with Mocha made me so so so really really really sad :( Shesaved her friend by eating all the candies leading to spill out the blood. (T.T)

 Baka Luffy just jumped out of the dust box, after two chapters of not been shown at all and guess what? He's going to search for Ceasar! Surprise, surprise M*******r. Somehow I really hope the story moves faster forward. And NO MORE oh the poor children. I think we get it, how pitiful and hopeless and sad they are, so NO MORE!

 So the news are that next week there's not gonna be any One piece for us :( And it's a bad new I don't like it, I hate it, I dispraise it BUT it looks like I won't learn japaneese with my “not likeing it” SO give your love to the king translators and editors.   

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What happens next?

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