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One Piece 689 has been released.

Great chapter, the story seems to be able to connect and not leave you confused. Though i would say too many pages are spent on brownbeard. Seems like the smile was only able to produce a bunch of low quality zoan from the pictures shown.

 So out of the 4 Yonkous, shanks shouldn't/wouldnt be the mentioned yonkou unless there is some major plot-twist.

 Blackbeard is going on an ability hunt, so i think he is going for quality rather than quantity, so i think he is not the one mentioned.

 Now, narrowing to only big mam and Kaidou, it is difficult to decide which since we know so little about them. Pekoms is one of the mystery and topic for debate, whether he is an artifical fruit user. However, thinking again, im not sure if big mam is actually interested in strengtening her army because it seems to me that all she was ever interested was sweets and candy.

 With so little known about kaidou, it just my hunch that he is the mentioned yonkou.

Wish the next chapter is better and worth the wait.

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