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One Piece 691 has been released.

Luffy really do hate people like Cezar the most, how he treat his crew like Guinea pigs really pised him of. I thought he was going for an elephant Gatling, but the fact that he ran back to extend more and that it was cut off before we could see his fists makes me think something new is coming. Especially to break Ceza's face so he don't have to look at it anymore.

 Mocha is alive, wasnt surprised over that one.

 The best part for me in this chapter is when Ussop said that "Caesar is the kind of person Luffy hates most and Luffy wont forgive Caesar" also when Luffy is about to release his attack to Caesar with full of emotions while saying "I don't want to look at your face anymore". Pretty cool.

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What happens next?

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