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One Piece 692 has been released.


Damn. I loved the chapter. I sure want Baby 5 to join  Sanji ... that smells like a chance for you !! Her comedy is already introduced, she is unique, she seems strong, is female and a maid.

 But well, it doesn't seem like her grudge against DD can be seen as serious. Can it?

 So what do we have here:

 - Again, no cover chapter??

 - The brokers are mad, really mad.

 - Kinemon affected by Shinokuni because he wanted to save his son so badly.

 - Usopp finished off the fodder and has control over the control room now.

- Luffy screwing up the plan kind of annoys me. He should get more serious about stuff like this ... really annoys me ... I feel with Law.

- Baby 5 and Buffalo arrive. They found Caesar which Doflamingo makes smile again ... thanks Luffy ... now they are going to get CC back...

 - But wait ... there is FRANKY!

 Edit: It is said that Franky stands on the tanker. But where is Sunny Go?

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What happens next?

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