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One Piece 694 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
One Piece 693 has been released.

The chapter was rather boring but this theory is something nice to hear.

 Nothing really happened, but I had a laughter at Franky when he used his shield. I love his attitude.

 Oh yeah. Tashigi can't even deliver the final blow. I'm starting to feel with Johan.

Two things I want to mention:

-No cover chapter AGAIN

 -But yet again a nice color page. Akainu with a mustache. Top right corner: Big Mam.

On the left we have Shanks and BB. The only one whose face is covered is on the top left corner. That's why I'm assuming it's Kaido.

And so, based on the colorspread, did Oda just sealed the deal for Kinemon and Momo joining the crew? I'm still hoping it's Baby 5. Being hot-headed, versatile, humorous, and all. And did someone catch the miss Torpedo Girl reference from Bobobo-bo?

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What happens next?

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