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One Piece 673 has been released.


The lastest chapter finish with the commodore tells that the children are dead. They have died in an accident. This matter is comfirmed by the G-5`s top officer, vice-admiral Vergo. The parents can`t believe such a story. They think that them children are definitely alive somewhere.

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The next scene shows the children like monsters who wants candy.

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From the center of the lake the slime looks like change its form. The people don`t know what is it – a frog or a lizard, but it`s too big. They run to Research facility. If they burn the slime, it will explode and won`t be like such form.

In front of research facility there is another slime. Tashigi-chan and other guys can`t hide inside because the shutters are down everywhere. They try to shut it with bazooka.

This gross jelly gather itself bit by bit and get big.

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Inside the research facility Ceaser probably start big experiment. Probably everyone outside will die but vice admiral Vergo and the other inside are safed.

The kidnapping in which Ceasar take the kids is turned into an accident at sea by Vergo. The guy used to be a pirate. He join the marines by Joker`s instruction. There`s no marine officer more convenient and trust worthy to Joker than him. Vergo is always part of the Joker`s crew. Joker is an alias he uses as a broker in the shadows. But his real identity is that of the pirate whose name is known throughout the world – one of the seven royal warlords.

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