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One Piece 696 has been released.


I really liked this chapter, another arc is going to end. It was pretty funny, how the marine forced Caeser to save their friend. But still no idea about this shadow person , could it be that is Aokiji? I certainly hope not, it would be boring. Not sure yet if Kinemon is strong or not?

 Really want to see him fight with Zoro, now that woud be interesting. What they mean about Kaido is that they are guessing who is the strongest Yonkou. and of course for Luffy, it is Shanks. Law said that "if you don't stop them from eating, they will capture us". I think aside from some marines, Law knew that there are some powerful people that will come for them in PH.

 I'm looking foreward for the next chapter for sure.

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What happens next?

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