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One Piece 698 has been released.

This chapter was......wait for it..........AWESOME. I JUST LOVED IT. So let's see what we have so far.

 - Caribou heads towards the port now.

 - The G5 are now headed towards the facility in order to save whoever was affected by the gas. I fear that they'll encounter at least Vergo in there.

 - Baby 5 and Buffalo have their bodies back.

 - Do-' arrives.

 - He uses king's haki to get rid of the fodder. Furthermore we see wires coming out of his fingers. Lastly he beats Smoker up.

 - Smoker sure got a lot of beating in this arc. But apparently he knows not to tell about our crews destination which means he differentiates between 'good' and 'evil' pirates.

 - Franky explains how he got the Mini-Merry-2 back (which explains why he was absent).

 - Dressrosa is where they are going right now. Smells like a fight against DD. And we're going to see another Samurai, I can't wait!

 - Zoro is excited to face a Yonkou - that's great :-) (didn't expect any less).

 - We get to know more about Law's plan and furthermore he explains how things work in the NW.

 - He also mentions that Kaidou has 500 Smile users and that Smile comes with a certain risk.

 - Btw, Sanji kicking CC was funny

 - And last but definitely not least ... the last panel. Woah, that gave me the rest.

  - And unfortunately there is going to be a break next weak  Really the only major complaint I have for this arc ...

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What happens next?

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