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One Piece 701 has been released.

Not very good chapter, but the end was WOW. Again a new mystery. You just gotta love OP for that. Who is that blind guy? It coud be the hell just too many people new admiral, the shichibukai who cutted Z's arm, Roger's crew mate? But my bet is on him being fujitora. Though he must be able to sense things extremely well but possibly can't pick out small details.

 Though it doesn't really make sense, someone who has to hunt down extremely powerful pirates can't even see so he can't determine if they are wanted or not. Still, just some room for thought :P i hope it isn't fujitora though tbh. being blind imo is too much of a handicap to be an admiral. Though his DF power is insane

 Well i am sure that we will soonlearn who that blind guy is... I don't think he is the new admiral because i believe that the marines wouldn't have a blind soldier. What was really weird was his ability. Could he have a gravity df, like that he can control the gravity at a certain area? That would be a really hax ability...

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What happens next?

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