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One Piece 702 has been released.

Very cool chapter I liked it. Finally a tournament I think is a tradition that every manga at some point have to have tournament. But the chapter felt kind of short. I wonder witch of the Strawhat  will participate in the coliseum? The classic Zoro style  did Zoro use his KH to locate his shuusui?

 the way the guy said "could you be?" to the old man is like he is known for something. We can finally see a tournament and will Luffy and the rest of the guys join the tournament? Samurais are being used for tournament maybe that's why Kin's comrade are being taken.

 The things are getting even more interested in this chapter. It seems to me that the old man already knew who Luffy was, otherwise he wouldn't use his words like that, telling him something along the lines "It would be unwise to reveal that for both our sakes."

  And it seems that Doflamingo's plan is getting in motion as well with the introduction of the Corrida Coliseum. And this blind guy becomes more and more suspicious. He really might be Fujitora ... or the other Shichibukai, perhaps. Anyway, he's known since he was recognized.

 Anyway I can't wait for the next chapter. Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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