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T_T, I know that is too much, but I cried so hard. It was just too much I can’t believe this. He felt sad. And in the ended there were no bad fillings for them, he was just sad and he didn’t want to meet them because he would have to kill them just to stop them for doing more wrong and he sacrificed so much from his life span so that he can save them and they apologised. But what will happen with Cadis Raizel now I really don’t want to see him enter his eternal sleep he is the kindest character I have seen in manga.

I hope the kids are all right. I’m so glad that they saved them on time. But that chapter was really rely good, again amazing art. Awesome backgrounds and colouring and most of all great story. I wonder what will happen with the wolverine elder now. Will Frankenstein let her go, after she saw all that, what does she think I think there is a slide chance of her joining them But one can never know maybe they are going to let her go.

But the war have just started there are going to be much more battle’s from now on. After He eliminated 4th and 5th ou and 7th I awe most forgot about that guy. Anyway really really cool chapter very touching, I loved it. Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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