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Slow chapter. Nothing much happened except that maybe soon we will know just how did they made Razel-nim to be existed to the point of waking that much time to wake up from his sleep. Looks like Frankenstein knows the reason, or at least he is using so he didn’t ask Raisel. We know for sure that they didn’t fight him. Then what the hell did they do to him.  Btw I guessed right, they let go the wolverine woman so she can take it to the union. So there were 6 traitors and we have seen 4 of them are they all in the union? Did they form the union in order to rule over the humanity? That seems to be the truth but it really sounds kind of stupid. I hope there is a good reason behind their stupid decision.

Anyway, I really didn’t catch the end. What did that nod mean, is he healed or not.  So what did you think? Thoughts? 

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What happens next?

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