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Tao and Take power grew, ok sure it is true but somehow felt like Yuri and the rest of his gang actually OWNED all of them M-21, Tao , Takeo and the blond noble( I forgot his name again). So probably they are still not strong enough. Anyway the kids are good witch is great.

I really don’t get why they show Cromwell in the beginning of every chapter, plotting and drinking whiskey. I mean Come onnnnnn , now I want a glass of whiskey too too (such a teaser). :D Other thing that I don’t get is how the hell the kids don’t figure things out. I mean once every month they get in some “accident” and don’t remember shit. How is it possible to not pick up that something weird is going on. Either that or they are insane. I take the insanity.

I love Ray, and how he has his poker face on and blush in the same time. Just love that side of him. I really am eager now to find out what is the actual connection between Frankenstein and Ray. How did they meet .And stick together and Frankenstein to become his servant. I know he is awesome and all but there is probably some deeper story.

So I can’t wait for the next chapter. Thoughts? What do you think the Union do now? War? 

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What happens next?

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