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Noblesse 283 has been released.


Hahahaha Tao, Takeo ans M-21 are my absolute favorite. Good to see them work so hard for their money, especially since we got to see them in work clothes. Small chapter thought, well not small but nothing much happened. Hah but is good, peaceful times.

 But it really comes to me like a terser, who are the first 3 elders. They should be a nobles. The Union have too many secrets. Also the Ones they mentioned in the last chapter. just too many unknowns so far. But I fell like soon we are going to find out. But I'm not sure if we are gonna like it.

 It is nice thought to see how worried are they for their plans now they know that Raizel-nim is alive. His bear existence makes them uneasy. Good chapter.


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What happens next?

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