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Noblesse 284 has been released.


Good chapter, thought nothing much happened. The school is back on track. Tao, Takeo and M21 did a great and fast job. They said it is more secure then before, so this is good. I have  bad feeling about Frankenstein leaving, he might be going so he can help Raizel-nim. But even if the union is on hold right now, that snake Kromblew is not. I'm sure he will send someone to get data about the Noblesse. That snake. I really don't like this dude. And that Yuri brat even less.

 I think there are less intense chapters to follow. So don't hold your breath. And now I really too want to know who are They that the elders are thrying to reach. And who is the lord doing to send, I hope is Karias that guy is just too much fun. And it really starts to seem he has a lot of personal motives to go there, and I really want to know exactly who from the elders is the one he wants to meet.

 Anyway,  good chapter. Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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