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So Crombel is on a move again. I have the bad feeling that Frankenstein is actually really going to meet up with him. If I remember correctly he is not very sure is Frankenstein is not the Nobless. Perhaps that is the thing that he wants to find out. But after all of the shit he has done to them, maybe is better just to kill him on spot.

 I really wonder what had Frankenstein done, for him to be in that condition he must have worked really hard on something. We all saw the ball that looks like the same matter as the dark spear, but exactly what is he planning to do, I really have no idea.

 Hahahaha but Rael is such an annoying brat, still arguing about Tao, Takeo and M21. His face whan they asked hi if he is questioning the Noblesse was priceless.

 The chapter was a little slow thought. Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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