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Ohhhhh so those bastards were piloting it from there. Urocai I think is the most despicable of them all acting all up like he cares for Raizel nim even thought that they are planning to kill them. So for sure that triggered their betrayal the real reason they don't like Frankenstein is that he gets in their way, if it wasn’t for him a lot of time would have past until they realize what happened since Raizel doesn’t do out at all. He is so weird in this period of time, I really feel so bad for him.

So I think in the next chapters Frankenstein will form a contract with Raizel. That would piss off Urokai and the other betrayers and with a little push from someone we don't yet know about they will try to kill Raizel nim. Oh the other interesting thing how the hell did they put him in that condition that he had to fall asleep for 700 years. And my apologize but where the fuck was Frankenstein at the time. How the hell he let that happen?