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For some reason Frankenstein is going easy on that creep. I think he wanted to see Urokais soul weapon. Frankenstein seems to have motives for everything. He is just too smart he takes advantage because the other Nobless are misjudging him. Urokai still have the pedant or whatever that think was. That is somehow connected to Frankenstein's past. Maybe a woman, sister mother. Probably we will have flashback in the flashback.


But still we don't know why Frankenstein wasn't with Raizel when they acceded him. And why didn't Raizel fight back. And Frankenstein's past is just too interesting. I really really want to know what happened with him.


Thought this flashback's are getting way too many and I feel like they are too slow or short or both. But they really poke the curiosity in me. And who is behind the union too. What was their purpose for them to need to get rid of the Noblesses. Because it seems that they don't have ill feelings for him. I think that in the next fight they will explain why Urokai hates Frankenstein so much. Because everybody keeps repeating that this is unlike him. So therefor there must be a specific reason I always thought that is because of Raizel but maybe I'm wrong.