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So there is an other reason Urokai hates Frankenstein that much. I wonder what it is, is it about Raizel nim and that Frankenstein is too close with him. But due all the fight Frankenstein teased him on purpose probably because he knew Urokai was going easy on him and he wanted him to unleash his full power and in the same time he hid how many power he posses in order for Urokai to be careless wile attacking. And how we know how did Urokai lost his eye.

But did Frankenstein tried to kill Urokai? Whoa he have a lot of balls to do that, being in Lukedoina and stuff, after all he is a guest. But Frankenstein sure is really good at fighting, analyzing everything and creating a opening. Now I am really interested to know just how did he manage to have this powers.

But have you noised Urokai soul wepon really resembles Frankenstein's dark spear. Is there any connection?