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Frankenstein went nut again. So maybe he wasn't that bad if that kid admired him and he said he wanted to be like him and to help many people maybe he was doing good but people were afraid that he is too powerful and they chased him away I really feel like there is more to Frankenstain story that that.


But the Lord and Rai sure are quick. But it seems Rai and The Lord came just in time to stopped them from killing each other? or was it Frankie one that will die? Who knows?


So that clan leader that creepy old guy as I like to call him was power hungry too I see that the greed for power is not only sin of humans but in nobless too. So in the end we got a little more character development on Frankey. Urokai been annoying as shit again I really start to wonder the real reason behind his hatred for Frankenstein.