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So Ray and the lord take control over the situation. Urocay seems pissed off again on Franky for loosing his self control. All the traitors for some reason don't want to take out their soul weapons. Do they think it will be humiliating to take them out on a human. But I think this is the case that triggered they betrayer to happen even faster. Now that Ray awakened and have a contract with Frankey. Ray is as cool as always.


Still where the hell was Frankenstein when they attacked Ray. Because it seems just to unbelievable that the 4 of them actually overpowered The Lord and Ray in the same time. This can not happen even in a million years. And for sure they are with someone in this but the question is with who. For sure they are with the werewolf’s but there has to be someone else in the shadows.


Anyway cool chapter maybe a little bit so short I can't wait or the next one.