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Whoa Ray sure is impressive, cool and calm and elegant as always. So finally for sure we know how did they made their contract. And why Frankenstein has so much respect for Rai, thought I'm not sure why Ray contracted him in the first place and why is he so found of Frankenstein I guess maybe he was lonely siting all alone in this house always looking through the window. No wonder Frankenstein build him that school, while he was sleeping. So the contract does take out from his lifespan after all.


A lot of thing are more clear now, I guess this will be the last arc in this manga. I really hope that in the end things turn out good for Ray so he can enjoy life a little more. Hahhaa I remember in the beginning when he was playing video-games with the children only now I realize how special and precious was that for him. Being around the kids having fun. Even in the school he was always looking trough the window too.


So in the next chapters there is going to be the part with the betrayal. I really wonder how did that happen. And who is behind the clan leaders. And how did that manage to do that, and who is the wolverine that they wonted to wake up. A lot of stuff are about to happen so stay tuned.


Again good chapter awesome art. Anyone thoughts?