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Noblesse 296 has been released.

Hahahaaha fun chapter a little comic relief I think. So the Frankenstein chapter development is over and the flash backs too. I love the way noblesse are helping the children is like, when you are stronger then someone you should protect him and help him instead of making him your slave.


A lot of fun things in the chapter Tao is hilarious as always being so honest about spending great amount of money, he sure have some gut to say that to Frankenstein. And Ceritia clan leader with a pink washing dishes and cooking just too much for me to handle LOL. And Rael turned in to stone because of Siera LOL. And did you see right there a little fan service I think the part when Siera leaned hohoho.


I liked the chapter a lot of fun thought I want to see what will happen next with the union. I really hope the things will be Ok. Ray seems so happy in this peaceful moments. I really would like to see some character development on him he is always so quiet. I hope that will happen soon.


So anyway good chapter can't wait for the next one.