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Noblesse 298 has been released.

Now after this chapters beginning I really start to think that this seems really familiar that hatred towards the modified humans toys as Rael calls them. Is there any possibility that he will join the union? Nahhhhhhhh not possible.....or is it?


Hahhahahhahaha but this chapter is just too much Rael taking love advice from Ray. Hah and what advice to talk with Siera about it. I hope it goes fine that brat Rael is not long way away from betraying them nahhhhhhh after all Ray is there so that is not going to happen.


Oh so that crazy woman Ignes made a move for sure she will try to attack the school and if I remember correctly she have modified humans as well so she probably take the party to their place I hope the children and Tao Takeo and M21 are going to be fine. And most of all I hope that Ray is going to be fine after all he is in a very week state right now so Frankenstein and the clan leaders better protect him.


So it has begun that Ignes she probably will turn out stronger than what I expected. So 24 pages chapter pretty cool. Yay. Can't wait for the next one.