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Noblesse 299 has been released.

Wow that Igness if really mad. That modified humans look thought. And for sure she have some body modifications on her too. I wonder just how powerful she is. I wonder if she is stronger than Frankenstein too. He after all have some sort of soul weapon the dark spear is not exactly a soul weapon but is as powerful as one. I hope he joins the party soon enough so that Siera won't get hurt.


Probably Tao, Takeo and M21 will take over Juri and his gang as always. I hope Ray does not get involved in this, he is sill week after the previous fight.


So finally the fight has begun. I like that. Finally some action. Probably some the elders will join too especially her crazy father. If they eliminate her he will go berserk for sure. I'm still waiting for that wolverine to come out the wolverine woman too. She sure liked Frankenstein maybe she will come out for some more fun hahahahhaah.