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WHAIT! What? Any of these monsters equals a elder? How is that even possible. Siera sure holds up till now but they are overpowering her for sure after all its 3 against 1. That Ignis for sure is mad taking the whole 3 experiments with her. Is she that unsure with her power. And now her father know I wonder if he joins the party as well. Maybe with that other noble.


For firs time I'm glad to see Rael and his brother must be close by too. Rael looks pissed off after all she doesn’t know the meaning of a fer fight. But where is Frankey and Rael's brother they shod be there any moment too. Right. I think the 4 of them will be enough to beat her at least I hope.


Tao, Takeo and M21 will probably take Juri and his friends. I hope they will be alright. Anyway good chapter finally the fight is on. Though it feels a little bit too short. I can't wait for the next one.