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Woah that's bad, bad, bad. Where the hell are the others. Frankenstein and Rael's brother. Rael is not as week as I thought He hold for a while Ignis, I sure had underestimated the Kartia Clan. But Ignis sure shows a lot of affection for that freak show she calls children


Rael and his brother must be close by too. Rael looks pissed off after all she doesn’t know the meaning of a fer fight. But where is Frankey and Rael's brother they shod be there any moment too. Right. I think the 4 of them will be enough to beat her at least I hope.


Tao, Takeo and M21 will probably take Juri and his friends. I hope they will be alright. Anyway good chapter finally the fight is on. Though it feels a little bit too short. I can't wait for the next one.