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Noblesse 304 has been released.

Wow the 9th elder have body modifications too. I don't think that was noblesse power that giant spider like legs. Well that is disturbing on a lot of levels too. I'm sure Igness has body modifivation too but we didn't get a chance to see it so far. It sucks that they got to catch them so fast. Thought Rael is quiet powerful he managed to kill 2 of that creatures. If Igness and the 9th made this for the purpose of them killing the other elders I really don't see how this will work.


Whoa and the 2nd elder that is new. We haven’t seen the first and the second elders until now. There is one thing for sure he is not a noble maybe a werewolf ? I really want to see the first elder to the kind of people that are upper to the nobless that is very very interesting.


And that girl is the 5th elder. Relly really interesting. On top of that she is going at the party too. Frankenstein Rai and the Kartera clan leader are finally there too. Witch is good they are 3 on 3 now.