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Noblesse 305 has been released.

So it is almost set up. Karatera clan leader against that werewolf ( I think). Frankenstein against the 9th elder. And Rai will probably end up with Ignis and the children. If that happens the 5th and the other elder that is a clan leader are free elements that can end up everywhere. I'm a little worried right now the union for sure is overpowering and have more people on the place witch is bad. Off course the cildren are there too but they are in bad condition and I don't think they are in any state that they can fight. Siera and Rael can probably team up against Ignis or the modified weapons. But who knows.


Hahaha but Frankenstein is heating up once again. I 'm really starting to wonder if the 2nd elder is the lord of the werewolf is there any chance that the 1st elder is something like Rai for the werewolf and is there any chance if he is that he or she is in any case family related with him. That would be epic.


But for now I'm just eager to see the fights I hope Ray don't get baked. And end up using even more of his lifespan.