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Noblesse 306 has been released.

So when it comes to Kertias clan leader I guess is a battle of speed against brute force if I can judge from the appearance and the personality of that werewolf guy. I wonder how will the battle between a clan leader and werewolf go. After all the last time the one who beat the werewolf woman was Frankenstein if I'm not mistaken. And it seemed like she was thought to beat.


So the fact is that they are really werewolfs witch means that the werewolf’s Lord is an elder in the union. Whoa. And he is the 2nd elder so the 1st has to be stronger that him I'm really starting to believe that there is a big possibility that the 1st is something like Ray, Noblesses but for the werewolf''s. If that's the case than things may turn bad for Ray and the others.


Wait what the 8th doesn't know who Frankenstein is? He said “someone else that can make a human like that” is he perhaps referring to Frankenstein... or is there someone else. No probably not. But I'm sure that Frankenstein is too full of himself right now. That elder modified himself too for sure. I think he is more powerful than how he appears.


But lets give a good laugh at Frankenstein hahahahahaha connecting to Ray and starting to laugh, hahhahaha that idiot. Good chapter thought. Also I can't believe that they actually made this creatures to fight clan leaders. On no planet can that thing defeat any of the clan leaders.