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Roctis Kravel,
I know that you are one of the most loyal and caring to Raizel, and you must feel bad about betraying, and even trying to kill Rai BUT are you a moron?!? You tried to protect your Spoilt kid Ignis to the very last breath(cool shark though!! 8) )....but you could have prevented all that if you had read "Good Parenting for dummies".
R.I.P !!
Well, we just lost another great character...and among other :-
1) Shewolf knows about clanleader modifications
2) Rajak don't know how to avoid fighting. If he just had told the WW guy, that some elders are doing experimentation on their friends...he might have found a scouting partner.
3) Ignis is alive, probably gonna would be trouble if she awakens the Mujaka before Shewolf finds out that her (just saying)uncle/dad is still alive.
4)Union is gonna know about Frankenstein, officially, and two less cameras for next conference.
5)Rai can't fight anymore(still debatable)