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Noblesse 311 has been released.
Awesome and it seems like i was right, Ignes getting the soul weapon at least from what i understood in this chapter. I'm a bit sad though i expected that Muzaka would be the werewolf and the previous lord but anyways his powers are legit according to Franky. Jeez, I hope Franky will disobey Rai for once and go wild v / s Muzaka else i can't see Rai being able to make it through on his own : (
I will think Muzaka was being brainwashed by all the traitor clan leaders with help from 2nd Elder.
Rai was probably hesitant to fight his only friend 820 years ago, and maybe Muzaka was rather a victim than a villain.
  I wonder why is he angry at Ray. The facts are that they probably fought back 500 years and that caused Rais seep and almost killed Mazaka since everyone thought he was dead.
And that drag Ignes now I dislike her even more haw can she be a noble unbelievable.
I hope we get a flashback in the next chapters.