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Noblesse 313 has been released.

This is bad, very very bad. Ray is in awful condition, Muzaka disappeared. Cornwell's dogs snifing around. The other elders in the union saw that Rai and Muzaka picture. Things are not looking that bright from where Rai and the others are.

Anyway where did Muzaka go to anyway? He can't just disappear now can he. Well I guess probably he's condition wasn't good either. Since he had that fight with Rai in the past too.

Still I'm very curious of how did things went down in the past. Something must have happened since Muzaka said that he wanted to destroy all the humans with his own hands. Probably they provoked his somehow to get him to fight with Rai, and by them I'm sure it was the union's plot.

Anyway I liked the chapter, can't wait for the next one.  Thoughts?