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Noblesse 315 has been released.

Well just as expected?

If the Werewolfs or some of them are part of the Union, its clear as day that they look down on the rest of the Union.
Cause they are WEREWOLFS before they are part of the Union. Beings with higher firepower tend to look down on whats left in one way or the other. Natural order of things as the bulky guy said.

So they used more elegant or violent matters to find the Unions council and simply forced them to let them join the Club.
Not just too be able to have better means of watching the Unions movements but also to take the chance as well to go into a little bit of research.
Because just knowing that people that they could kill off with their tiny finger are searching for power, made them so insecure that they couldnt rest if they wouldnt do the same.
Utterly pathetic.

They seem to be an edge stronger as Nobles. But they couldnt be as calm about the Union as them.
Unlike Lukedonia they had to join the Union directly and participate into the ways of humanity to be at ease.
Oh well but I guess I cannot blaim them or anything. *grin* In the end its all just about who comes out victorious.

But it looks like the Werewolfs had to humilate themself by following the way of a species they see as inferior, in order to still feel safe and secured.
Actually the more I think about, this becomes a natural following of events. They have to hate and get back at the Union at some point.
For making their minds unease, for showing them what their own selfconfidence is worth, for 'forcing them' to keep an eye on them.

I wonder if Muzaka would have been against it? He seems to be just played by villains. His hatred for humanity is fabricated.
But he believes his hate is justified. Looks like the Traitors played him well.