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Noblesse 316 has been released.

Yeah Raizel spare us the explaination, we know people murdered Muzakas son and made it look like it was the work of humans. As if some random humans without any special power could ever murder him.
Serve him poisoned tea and you will hear the poor venom scream in his stomach.

My guess: The "new" Werewolflord and the Traitors together murdered Muzakas son.

His son was somewhat famous for visiting humans, playing around with them and "letting his guard down" around them.
Alltough I believe its ok for a 'Superman' to have no guard up cause nothing can kill him anyway.
But when Muzaka heard from his death, he was convinced the humans exploited his Son's trust and murdered him.

Someone free Raizel from his powers. This is so sad.