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Noblesse 318 has been released.
Oh boy seems like things are going from bad to worse for our friends i just hope they don't die ... 
-Rai is still suffering terribly from his recent fight 
-karias is realizing how troublesome the 3rd elder is, had it been a 1 0n 1 fight with the 5th elder and his fighting style he could have bought time but they it stands he's in deep shit. 
-Tao and co have been ambushed by that freak and these three will have a mare to survive his wrath 
-Franky is unreachable 
-Rajak is still carrying his investigation, so unavailable 
-seira, Rael and Regis are still injured 
The only one who can come to the rescue now are these guys from the Korean union whom Franky seem to have struck a deal with.
In the best case scenario another Clanleader will show up, or maybe some yet not introduced Elite's of the Central Order that had not been in Lukedonia at this time cause they were busy infiltrating the Union. 
In the worst case scenario no one come's. And its already a bad scenario. Can the RK get in a situation more bad at this one? 
* No weapons cause they didnt expected a fight 
* They care about the surrounding buildings but the bulky Werewolf doesnt