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Noblesse 320 has been released.
Wow it has been sometime since the last noblesse chapter. Man o man I almost thought that we are never going to see another chapter form this manga. But it is sill good even when it is bad, awemost like pizza. Unfortunately the chapter was way too short nothing much has happened exept fight scenne and goofy notices.
But The Lord I didn't see that one coming. By the face of the elders I think they did not expeckt that too. The moment they heard the word Lord they probably lost their shit. But I wonder what is she doing there in person.
So now we know why Franky and Rajak arent there already.
Because they will appear to safe the RK's from Kentas, cause M- 21 is not enough to enable their escape.
And since Rajak has lost against Kentas once, the autors simply add Franky to the fight as an extra. Or the other way around.
For some reason I dont expect Raskreia to be good with following those two and if they run - its still a loss of Karias without any compensation. The last wound he received looked nasty. That could put him out of action for some time to recover.
What I want to know is ... now that I have overcome this idiotic non-existent plot and this flat powerplay worthy of an 8 years old autor ..., I just want to see if the 2nd Elder is still so cocky and thinks he can dispose of his new opponent quickly.
Dunno if the 5th could have lost against Karias cause to me it looked like the 2nd's dustcloud blocked her view after he gave another shot on Karias. He used this sideeffect to his advantage to switch from Closecombat to Rangecombat and to get a free hit on the 5th Elder.
Maybe the situation is not so bad for the Union side. To me it looked like the 2nd was talking about how they should finish him quickly but he fought with his hands in his coat so to say ... and just attacked with his Eye-ability.
Lets see what he can do by using his arms and hands, or even a transformation?
He doesnt seem to be a Werewolf, whats highly interesting.