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Noblesse 324 has been released.
What a wierd ending. Raskreia wants to finish some business? I can smell the flashback from way over here. I don't think it is about the batlle they had in Luckedonia . It is more likely to be something from the past.
And I cannot follow her logic too. She thinks Raizel is a pitiful fool for being in such a state? A pitiful excuse for the Noblesse? 
Isnt the status he is in the exact and logical, unavoidable fate of every 'active' Noblesse? 
Oh and all the batlles are over now. I feel bad about that. But aweso very interested in M21 now, what was all that? A full transformation, awethought it didn't last very long it was pretty cool.
And * sigh * ... Crombells poor role is starting to get on my nerves, really. 
Originally he was / is my highest interest in the series cause he is one of the topdogs in the Union who is clearly smart enough to outlive the Arcs. Meaning just with him we can always have a "camera" inside the Union. 
But what is this shitty angle? We never see him actually archieving something! 
He is always just chasing "crumbles" falling of the upper plateau where the Protagonists and their opponents are fighting. 
Will this ever end? At least his Agents displayed some influence earlier. 
But he himself is just sitting there and farting in his beloved Boss-chair or what?