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Noblesse 326 has been released.
What kind of monster are you Raizel. Seriously he would need energy on par with the sun to replenish his life force or what.
The previous lord is such a character. I expect to see him pop out some more. Btw hehe i can entertain my fantasies of Raizel X Raskreia if what the previous lord was true. Btw her blushing confirmed it for me.
Frankie is as sharp as usual, he quickly noticed this wasn't as message but the actual him and and damn i can't get enough of Karias xD, seriously the son of the previous lord lol. He sure is another character. He and Tao are the same they just don't know when to shut up.
OMG why can't we have more than one chapter a week: (. Can't wait for Ability to be back too!!!
Raskreias family name is different but oh well.
It could be custom to give the Noblesse another name.
Then again its too strange. Who is the mother then?
Of course she is not anymore cause the autors could have introduced her much much earlier, but I kinda doubt Raizel is the former Lords son.
They seem to be of different familys. At best, they could be brothers.
Cause look how old Gejutel looks and the Lord just doesnt look old enough.