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Noblesse 328 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Noblesse 327 has been released.
Oh wow it is like the heavenly heared my demands 
and send us Crombell doing something else instead of just sitting in his chair. 
As expected its Crombell who is getting Muzaka into his boat. I feel sorry for poor Muzaka, but I thought he lost his son not his doughter. 
I guess shit is about to happen since Crombell is with him now. He probably is going to use his to faight agains Rai and Franky. 
And Rajak is just too cool to have overshadowed eyes in a picture in which all the others got them. 
Looks like Raskreia has yet to discover the mystic of Ramen. 
A little to slow chapter. Nothing much have happened. Next week I think there will be no chapter since the 6th arc (or season) is over.