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Noblesse 269 has been released.


Wow awesome chapter. Tao and Takeo were able to save the children. I knew that Yuri was up to no good. But to fall so low to order to kill them even if he got the data. Why did he do that all of Kornwell's dogs are lowlife's just like him. I hope Frankenstein kicks his all soon enough. But poor M-21 he still thinks that that is the real M-24.

But really I love that evil dark Frankenstein. Did you saw the look on his face when he rescued Seira. That look means only one thing- You are dead meat. I hope Seira joins the battle later on and kicks that traitor noble's ass so hard, that he wished to be still in Lukedonia. But now that Kerrutia clan leader join the battle with Frankie they are gonna owe them.

 It will be really interesting to see the real wolverine power. And to see just how much stronger are now  Tao, Takeo and M-21  after the training they received. I sure look forward for the next chapter.

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What happens next?

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