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Noblesse 270 has been released.


Ahahahaha looks like Tao is starting to pray for forgiveness God ….... no president. He sure is gonna make them pay for destroying school facility like that. I really look forward to see just how much the four of them improved after the training.

 On other hand. The big battle just begun. Just how much did the union have hidden about those modified humans. That one looks pretty powerful, thought he complacently lack brains battle strategy and a lot more important things. Even thought Rajak is overpowering him right now, I'm pretty sure that he will transform to something even more ugly. But Rajak has not take out his soul weapon. So I guess is probably gonna be Ok.

 But still there is the werewolf and the nolbe to worry about. I really want to see the werewolf's complete power. So far we have only seen M-21 attempts to “imitate” their power.


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What happens next?

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