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Wow finally some action. I totally love Frankenstein, but my god his weapon is creepy as hell. So that's how the wolverine’s look like when they completely transform, pretty cool, and kind of sexy. I wonder id M-21 will ever be able to transform to that extent. But cooperated to the fight of M-21, Tao, Takeo their battle looks like a children game. Still those bastards to poison the children, what kind of low beings do that.

 But there's some more time I'm pretty sure that M-21 is holding back because he thinks is fighting M-24, but when he find out he will be furious. And will kick that idiot's ass. Of the planet of the living. I want to see some more of Frankenstain’s battle too. That Ex-noble is still holding back, but sooner or latter he will probably will have to face The other noble. I 'm sure the will team up with Seira.

 But ahahaha isn't that just hilarious every single time they send someone to Korea elder or not he get's killed and there is no sigh of it. I even can't remember when did it all started. I think the 11th elder send someone to seek what was Combrel doing there in the first place. But god I remember back then M-21 and M-24 were sure scums.

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What happens next?

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Anyway can't wait for the next chapter, you?