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Is it just me or is Rael quite a lot stronger than he was before. But so in his style to take out his soul weapon so easily on such a lowlifes, thought there are three of them. Maybe he had a point. But I totally enjoy the way Tao  manipulates the battle. He is my personal favorite. But I was in a huge surprise when he multiplied himself, wow never thought he could be able to imitate his brother(and father) technique so much, pretty amassing.

 But let's get to the good part or the really bad one. What the hell is Frankenstein thinking letting the dark spear take over him so much, has he gone baloney. And HE walked up I'm sure is because Frankenstein, and there I was thinking that they are gonna take over the elders by themselves. It is getting very very interesting. What is going to happen next, somehow I have the feeling that the 5th is gonna escape at the end but man they have quiet a power in this Union. Another Noble unbelievable.

 Can't wait for the next chapter. Thought's?

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What happens next?

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