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The lastest chapter finish with Oga wins a match at The rich academy`s fight club in one blow. His next opponent is Bonbon. He again wins in one blow. Furuichi win a ticket from his betting. The sum is 2, 832, 000 yen. He will donate the money.

Now when the fight is finished, Himekawa has to hand over the painting. He says that it`s just a joke but the group of Kugayama leave the place. Himekawa`s people wants to get back Oga to the ring for the next challenge with the Nordic Cyclops. But Oga hurts the subordinate.

Then men in black suits lead them in a strange place which is top-secret area that only certain people, even among important governmental figures can enter. This is a subway connected to the parliament building for emergency cases. The men worn them not to lose because no easy exit in other way.

An old man appears who is lost. The bleck men recognize him as Prime minister.

In front to the entrance a man and a woman in black suits expect Kugayama. They sais that only one person can enter.

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