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This chapter was pretty awesome, I loved every word and drawing of it. Congrat to Tite Kubo for the comeback. I really thought that these flashbacks are gonna be annoying, but he proved me wrong.

 Then the final panels, Masaki is one true brave heart. She let this Hollow have at her - that was quite panicking. I was sure she was going to be done for, but she is just as quick paced as Isshin here. Allowing the Hollow to bite into her shoulder, she literally blows it into nothingness at risk of her own life.

 Well well, Aizen seems to be a thief as well now.  Not only was he intrigued by Kisuke's black cloak design, he also modified it with Kido to render him almost invisible. Quite the upgrade if you ask me, Aizen is one damn scientist.

  Isshin is also quite smart, he realised instantly that the sword slash was from a Zanpakuto rather than this Hollows. Reminded me of Yammamoto when Aizen stabbed him and he would never mistake the spiritual energy of a Zanpakuto

  Gin seems to be amused by Isshin's sightless observations of the skies above and Aizen seems quite burden of this "failure" of an experiment. Aizen also gave us some foreshadow of Isshin's Bankai, Isshin seems to need completely tactful spiritual energy before he can use it, so Aizen was really worried about their little experiment for him to back stab Isshin.

  Seems as if this Hollow isn't as powerful as we thought and since we haven't had any comment about Gentei Kaijo, I am assuming the limiter applied to Isshin as well, since any Soul Reaper whom uses the Senkaimon of Captain/Lieutenant level has the block placed on them.

  Kaname is interesting, he seems distraught by Aizen's words. "This sample", something based off on the Soul structure of a Soul Reaper - is of their own creation. Aizen really did research many means of creating Hollows and resorted to creating them off the DNA of a Soul Reaper as well.

  Even after being deeply wounded by Aizen, Isshin is still putting up quite the battle against this Hollow. After receiving not only another wound, Isshin manages to parry this Hollow with his feet and sword, great Hakuda skill their - especially when he flicked Aizen through multiple buildings.

  Isshin is quite the trickster as well and I loved him converting his blood into a fire/dragon breathe attack against the Hollow. Very creative and very reflective of Isshin's often impish personality. Great Shikai development and very resourceful of Isshin who wanted to use his Bankai. He looks completely bad ass and collected when he does this as well.

  Masaki's discourages this Hollow from even firing a Cero with an arrow and well, she is no marksmen just yet with her dodgy aim as she is in school training - but she surely does have the heart of a protector. That stance she wields with her spirit bow is quite poetic of a dramatic entrance and bravery, Isshin seems VERY shocked.

   Awesome chapter. Thoughts?


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