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Slow chapter again I found really interesting, the look on Urohara’s face when he met Kurosaki. Interesting. I was thinking if it possible since the hallow chose her, it looks like when he bit her he actually did something to her. Did White use its target hollowfication on her? It sort of sounds like it by what Aizen said about it "choosing a Quincy, it's opposite".

I’m pretty sure Urohara again is on a watch there, this guy always seems to know something about everything. He is yet again on the right spot, secretly strolling around. When I think about it more he is everywhere and helps just at the right time. I think he knew everything about Ichigo even before him, and made his hollofication no purpose. He doesn’t do anything by conscience. And if we think even more about it, we don’t really know anything for this guy. He left soul society and actually made the power source that Aisen used, which he hid in a Rukia. What was he thinking? Weird weird guy.

I'm sure we'll find out really soon, though.
And I'm really looking forward to more development in Isshin and Masaki's relationship. But for sure Aisen knew about Ichigo. I remember that he told him something like I created you and give to you the battles that you fought. I t really seems like Ichigo yet again do not know anything but somehow he is in the middle of everybody’s plan. Poor guy could never live a normal life. Anyway I guess soon we will know.

So what did you think of the chapter. Thoughts? 

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What happens next?

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