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Slow slow slow chapter. I don’t think anything really happened except that Misaki’s wound opened up. I kind of knew that from the start. White probably used its target hollowfication on her. And Urohara finally showed up. Isshin, Ryuuken, Urahara and Masaki finally appear in the same panel together! Ooo boy, this is going to be awesome. Everybody expected Masaki would begin Hollowfying, so now the question is, what Urahara is going to do about it. Use Soul King's magic a.k.a. the Hogyoku, maybe?

Also, notice how Ryuuken's mother called Masaki "that thing". She really cares about the purity of Ishida bloodline more than about the girl she adopted. Ryuken thought seems really to care about Masaki, coud it be that he is in love with her. I kind if think, more like I’m 100% sure that he is Ishida’s dad. Maybe that is why he hates Shinigamis that much.

Still I really wonder, what are the Quincy’s trying to gain from the fight with Soul sosiety. 

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What happens next?

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