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Ok it is official Ichigo’s dad is totally awesome .Ha ha ha the look on Urohara’s face and the other quince guy when he say “ ok I get it I will do it “ priceless. I loved the expressions especially in this chapter.  I admit the explanation ran a bit long for my tastes, hahaha I felt like Ishin for a sec there I didn’t get a thing of what he was talking about. Oh and do some of you guys remember Ichigo’s hollofication. Cuz it was like year age and I don’t recal this strange vaccine that he was talking about.

The last page was very badass, but at the same time very awkward since Masaki is nude. Maybe that's where Ichigo was made ho ho ho .

Good chapter and all can’t wait for the next one. Thought’s? 

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What happens next?

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